“We’re trying to get girls to realize that this is something they can do, this is what’s out there,
it’s available to them, it’s fun."
- Violet Killy, Captain, Class of 2016

Team Photo
Fe Maidens

The Fe Maidens is an all-girls FIRST robotics team from the Bronx High School of Science in Bronx, NY. Team 2265 was founded in December 2006 in an effort to encourage girls to explore and pursue STEM fields.

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Awards and Accomplishments

2012 - NYC Regional Quarter Finalists
2012 NYC Regional Imagery Award
2011 NYC Regional Semi Finalists
2011 NYC Regional Entrepreneurship Award
2011 NJ Regional Dean's List Finalist
2010 New Jersey Regional Imagery Award
2010 NYC Regional Champions

2010 NYC Regional Engineering Inspiration Award
2009 CT Regional Best Website
2008 CT Regional Best Website
2007 NYC Regional Rookie All-Stars
2007 NYC Regional Quarter Finalists

Working on robot